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Cutting Edge Manufacturing, Inc. takes pride in providing the highest quality of customer service. We believe in precision parts followed by competitive pricing.

The center of our organization is our 4000 Watt Laser. Parts are produced easily with precise tolerance. Whether your project requires mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum or titanium, our laser can economically produce parts of the highest quality. We are able to format artwork and complex patterns with ease. We also provide welding, general fabrication, forming, engineering and design assistance.

Having programmers and engineers on site allows Cutting Edge Manufacturing to assist in special projects with complex patterns. We have the ability to import most 2D and 3D CAD formats.

Our newest department offers smaller, more precise cutting and engraving options on a 50 Watt Laser. We can engrave text, serial numbers, part numbers, and company logos on almost any surface, including bare, painted, anodized, and powder coated surfaces. We can also cut small thin parts from fiberglass reinforced silicone, acrylic, balsa wood and rubber foam. More applications for this laser are being discovered every day!

 Amada 4000 Watt Laser  -  60” x 120“ Cutting Area  CNC Machining
Up to: ¾” Mild Steel • ¼” Aluminum • ¼” Stainless Steel • 1/8” Titanium  Haas Mill
CNC Press Brake  Haas Lathe
4’ 35 Ton Amada Press Brake  MIG and TIG Welding
8’ 100 Ton Accurpress  Haeger Hardware Press
 Universal 50 Watt Laser 36” Time Saver
18” x 32” Engraving/Cutting Area 48” Shear
General Fabrication  SolidWorks Engineering                            

In 1988, the business began as a simple metal fabrication shop in a garage in Phoenix, Arizona. The owner received an engineering degree from Arizona State University while working to grow the business. After building a customer base and purchasing a water jet, a couple of employees were hired and the small business moved to a rented shop space in 1998. Some of the original employees still remain with the company today. In 1999, the business moved to a full size shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

In 2001, a 1000 watt laser was added which increased efficiency and reduced cost for the customer. In 2004 the water jet was sold and we upgraded to a 4000 watt CO2 laser. In October 2011 a small 50 watt laser was added to expedite the growing demand for engraved parts. In May 2013 the 4000 watt CO2 laser was replaced with the first 4000 watt Fiber Laser on the west coast. 

In March 2006 we moved into a brand new building located in Phoenix, Arizona and added some new equipment such as a horizontal band saw, an Amada 35 ton break press, MIG and TIG welders and a 36" time saver. a shear, and a grainer. 

The CEM team enjoys creating and building. There is always something new and exciting taking place here. We have worked on many interesting projects with our customers. Some of these projects have included custom furniture for restaurants and individuals; decorative fire bowls; traffic camera cabinets; and building remodels, just to name a few. 

In 1998, the owner began designs for the “World’s First Folding Utility Knife”- the Superknife. The Superknife was released to the market in 2001 and surpassed all expectations with its success. 

In 2002, we began a new division of CEM, RC Solutions. Based on research by employees and a vision and design that the owner had when he was eight-year-old. The first Radio Controlled vehicle Roll Cage was introduced. Today RC Solutions manufactures roll cages, extended chassis kits, skid plates and other accessories for a variety of popular vehicles. The products of RC Solutions were developed at CEM to help RC Cars and Trucks survive the kind of punishment they thought they should be able to take. In his “spare” time, the owner also drives an off-road race truck that he owns. With real desert racing experience under their belts, they've learned a thing or two about what really works off road. They have applied their knowledge and capability to RC models; the result is unique and functional products of RC Solutions. 

Our customer types include but are not limited to: Original design manufacturers, off-road / automotive industries, unique projects, prototyping, and much more. Servicing both end users and large corporations, one off's to production runs.

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